Everybody lies, but why?

I recently finished the book Everybody Lies – Big Data, New Data and what the internet can tell us about who we really are, by Seth Stephens-Davidowitz. A highly entertaining read, and it gives a fresh perspective of the field of Data science in the modern era of Internet behavior and social media filters. This is not… Continue reading Everybody lies, but why?

Our modern video consumption

The problem The national public service television company in Sweden, Sveriges Television (Svt), has realised that people used to watch TV together more often before compared to now. The technological development has given that you nowadays can watch whatever you want, whenever you want and from wherever you want. TV and production companies have adapted to this… Continue reading Our modern video consumption

Gender roles

Recently during the final weeks of my exchange period in Japan I had an assignment in a class investigating a contemporary factor about Japanese society. We made a study and wrote a paper in the matter of gender roles, so I thought to sum up the essence of the report as well as giving my thoughts… Continue reading Gender roles


The Japanese cuisine is possibly one of the most famous food trademarks in the world. The food here is brilliant, for the most part. But in the long-term, I prefer more variation in my diet than what is considered normal in Japan. Sushi is probably the first thing you think about and this is one of… Continue reading 食べ物


Last Wednesday, Myself, Lassi and Thomas went to Osaka to see Grimes perform at the Big Cat venue in Namba, Osaka. It was a very convincing concert and an euphoric dance session. Guest appearances, her top songs and a cover of Ave Maria inducting crazy goosebumps was all mixed in well composed flavor. She is a very special… Continue reading Grimes

Osaka & Kyoto

Jag spenderade tio dagar med Charlotte i dessa två fantastiska städer. Vi åt mycket god mat av alla dess slag, besökte sevärdheter och hittade på äventyr. Sammanfattningsvis hade vi en genomsyrande autentisk upplevelse av Kansai-området i Japan och ett oslagbart vinteruppehåll tillsammans. Osaka är i viss konkurrens med Kyoto min favoritstad i Japan. Atmosfären är på något sätt… Continue reading Osaka & Kyoto