Why have we stopped dreaming of a better future?

Futuristic movies and books often depict a very Dystopian image of the future. A dark, polluted world consumed by technology, where scarcity, war or disaster dominate our lives. Often times with a power-hungry totalitarian regime creating conflict in their pursuit of ultimate control. I’m thinking 1964, Blade runner, Star wars, et cetera. They are very… Continue reading Why have we stopped dreaming of a better future?

COVID-19: Disaster or opportunity?

The actual human suffering from the COVID-19 is undeniably a horrible thing. Yet, I cannot avoid thinking that this crisis has the potential do us more good than harm in the long run. The current trajectories of our planet health – like biodiversity collapse, water scarcity, desertification and global warming – suggests we have a… Continue reading COVID-19: Disaster or opportunity?

Activism. Not Extremism.

I struggle in being an advocate of environmentalism. Most often it’s in conversations about things like food or consumption. I might say something suggestive about how climate-intensive the livestock industry is. When doing so, there is conflict in me. I feel like a radical know-it-all trying to force people what to eat. At the same… Continue reading Activism. Not Extremism.

Everybody lies, but why?

I recently finished the book Everybody Lies – Big Data, New Data and what the internet can tell us about who we really are, by Seth Stephens-Davidowitz. A highly entertaining read, and it gives a fresh perspective of the field of Data science in the modern era of Internet behavior and social media filters. This is not… Continue reading Everybody lies, but why?

Interactive notifications

It can be argued that having many UI:s on your mobile device makes less and less sense and there is today oceans of third-party content that potentially could be used in a more unified manner. We could be moving towards having only one dynamic interface instead of one for each application. Especially since the tech conglomerates are… Continue reading Interactive notifications

Our modern video consumption

The problem The national public service television company in Sweden, Sveriges Television (Svt), has realised that people used to watch TV together more often before compared to now. The technological development has given that you nowadays can watch whatever you want, whenever you want and from wherever you want. TV and production companies have adapted to this… Continue reading Our modern video consumption

Ido Portal

This man may be controversial and sometimes a bit contradictory. But for the most part, he is inspiring. I believe that what people call his philosophy is rather than a philosophy the natural range of human motion. It is the context of which evolution has shaped our bodies and how it has made so many… Continue reading Ido Portal