Last Wednesday, Myself, Lassi and Thomas went to Osaka to see Grimes perform at the Big Cat venue in Namba, Osaka. It was a very convincing concert and an euphoric dance session. Guest appearances, her top songs and a cover of Ave Maria inducting crazy goosebumps was all mixed in well composed flavor. She is a very special performer and it feels like she has found her unique sound. I find her to be a talented lyric writer but most of all an exceptional producer. I have listened to her two latest albums a lot and never seem to get tired of the pop influence in her tracks since they are overwhelmed by a symphony of delirious rhythms.

I missed some songs from the latest album she never played during the concert, like world princess part 2. The show also felt all too short. Before she finished off with the banger kill V. maim she said she doesn’t like doing an encore because it makes her nervous stepping off the stage, so she would just play it directly instead. She did seem a bit insecure during the concert and kept apologizing for not speaking Japanese or for interrupting herself. Perhaps she needs more stage experience to feel comfortable. Or maybe it was all a bit of an act to play the role of a cute shy girl, along the lines of twisted Japanese ideals. Who knows? Be that as it may, the insecurity went away as soon as she got caught up in the performance.

We met some very stylish Japanese girls during the show and joined them for disgusting food and drinks at a restaurant until about 5 in the morning. Without having any sleep, we then went directly to the airport to catch our flight back to Sapporo. Another great adventure concluded.

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