A perspective on existence

Picture total darkness. Pitch black nothingness.

A spark. From a giant invisible dust cloud, a star is born. A source of light. This star is you. You feel the enormous power that radiates from your center, shining warm light through this vast cold space. You find comfort, as you know that you will always have the companion of yourself by your side, and your own light within. You are strong in your own form.

After drifting through this empty void for what seemed eternal, you notice something approaching. One after one, Smaller beings are coming towards you. They are attracted by your natural pull. Spinning and curving around as they pass, they eventually settle into orbit around you. They are beings that have been frozen on the outside for a very long time.

Your bright light, and your warmth begins to defrost these beings. As they melt into the balance long lost to them, energy starts to flow in beautiful patterns. Oceans are forming, Trees are growing, Life is awakening. You feel good to share this energy, of which you have so much. You feel a sense of purpose. You see, that by simply existing, simply by being you, you give so much to your surroundings.

For another eternity, you continue to radiate your light, effortlessly supporting these beings around you. You observe them shift appearance with astonishing variation, yet keeping their soul intact. You can see that everything repeats itself, yet all is perplexingly different. Everything is born and everything dies. You name it the circle of life.

After billions of years in this existence, your light begins to fade. Your time has almost come to an end. You mourn the beings around you, whom you can no longer support with the energy they need. You are heartbroken, as this seems to be the end. But, as your glaring light tones down to a simmering glow, you can for the first time see further.

Billions and billions of lights all around you, shining just as bright as you have. You realise that you are not alone, and there must be so much more life out there. You now see, that you are a part of this circle of life too. You feel complete. With infinite wisdom of the universe embracing you, you grow rapidly a thousandfold and explode violently. The shockwave dissipates all the energy from your existence far across the universe, giving the opportunity to other beings to experience what you have experienced during your lifetime.

You feel gratitude and fulfilment, as this is the end of this you, but not the end of you, because you are a part of everything. A shared consciousness.

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