Random facts about Japan

There is a lot of things you have to adjust to when moving to another continent. I think the most substantial difference is how to understand people. Of course it would be a lot easier if I was speaking Japanese, but there is more to it than just syntax. To comprehend the behaviour and community of […]


Av någon anledning upplever jag träden i Japan som betydligt mer färglada under hösten än i Sverige. Visst, Sverige är vackert osv, men för det mesta känns svensk höst som regn och rusk. Björkarna blir lite tråkgula innan de tappar alla löv och vintern tar över. Möjligtvis när vi som mest önskar att slippa regnet […]


Brace yourselfs, long post is coming. Pictures are provided below when opening the post. Last weekend, me and seven friends rented a car with the desire of experiencing more of Hokkaido. This is the northern island of Japan once long ago colonized by the japanese. It is very different from the rest of Japan, the biggest difference […]